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Rainy Wedding Day Tips from Goodie and Smith Weddings

One of the questions we are asked most by brides and grooms is about what happens if it rains on their wedding day. We don’t blame them one bit!! But, we promise you right here and now, that even if you do have a rainy wedding day (which is good luck, by the way!), that there will still be beautiful light and airy portraits in your final gallery! Although we know that NO one wants a rainy wedding day, no matter what happens, everything will be okay. The most important thing: no matter what the weather on your wedding day, you’ll be married when the day is over! In the meantime, here’s a few tips for you to keep in mind during a rainy wedding day:

Indoor spaces (and porches) are our friends!

Honestly, all we need to be able to create those vibrant portraits Goodie and Smith is known for is a covered space. So even if it starts to sprinkle, we’ll be able to help create some portrait magic with a simple covered porch – or some gorgeous inside spaces. So many of the venues around here have beautiful indoor lobbies, party spaces, and getting ready rooms. Never fear – we’ll find the perfect spots so you don’t have to! 3 rainy wedding day tips for couples getting married outdoors by Alabama wedding photographers Goodie and Smith Weddings

Let me worry about the new locations.

You have enough to think about – and enjoy – on your wedding day. Let us worry about finding the backup spaces to use if it rains. We will find somewhere romantic for your first look and something beautiful for your bridal party and wedding portraits, no matter what happens! Trust us!!

3 rainy wedding day tips for couples getting married outdoors by Alabama wedding photographers Goodie and Smith Weddings

Try not to stress about it.

The reality is there’s not much we can do about a rainy wedding day, except adjust! All of your wedding vendors should work with you to create a Plan B if it does rain. That’s our job to worry about. Yours is simply to show up and enjoy your wedding day!

bride and bridesmaid prepare for wedding at The Pillars in Mobile, Alabama

At the end of the day, a rainy wedding isn’t the end of the world! Your vendor team will help bring an equally magical and beautiful wedding day to life for you. Besides, some of the most romantic wedding portraits we’ve ever taken have been snuggled under a clear umbrella. Let’s have some fun and make memories, no matter what the weather on your special day!

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