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Planning Your Dream Wedding by Jubilee Events and Design

Every wedding day is different – and every couple is different. So finding the right wedding vendors, especially your wedding planner, is key to making sure your day is a success! Look for someone who’s style, personality, and brand you love. We’re so excited to be sharing another one of our incredible wedding planner friends, Maranda of Jubilee Events and Design! Check out what she has to say about hiring a wedding planner!

Wedding planning tips from Jubilee Events and Design

Why hire a wedding planner?

First and foremost, PEACE OF MIND! This is so very important for you, your partner and family and friends! There are so many aspects, big and small, that need to be correctly ordered, created. Not to mention, executed during the planning and day of any event, especially a day as important as your wedding. Hiring a professional wedding planner can keep the fun of planning alive instead of it becoming extremely overwhelming and stressful.

We basically act as your personal assistant. We’re your right and left hand, accomplice, professional sidekick, your sounding board/person you can really vent and talk to and our personal favorite: your dream creator. What ever phrase best fits your personality is what we are!

What does a wedding planner do?

We are often questioned on what exactly a planner does, basically you can come to us with only knowing the date that you would like to have your wedding and we will handle or help plan all the aspects of your special event. Here is a quick summary of some of the things we can do:

help can help find venue or location

contact all reputable vendors

negotiate pricing and contracts with the vendors

set up and be at meetings to help guide you

keep your budget in line.

We can design floor plans and/or other creative items, develop a day of schedule, contact all vendors that are selected for your day and schedule and guide them day of, decorate, coordinate your bridal processional and recessional, coordinate and guide you and vendor during the reception all the way to the special exit of the night. After the wedding, we make sure all items are broken down and organized correctly.

We can be the most critical and in the best way, part your journey. We do the work so that all you and your loved ones have to do is show or give us an idea of what you would like and we create the magic. Then you and your loved ones can show up and enjoy, celebrate and create more wonderful memories!Wedding planning tips from Jubilee Events and Design

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator?

A planner can and will cover all aspects, details from beginning to end of your events.

A day of coordinator only coordinates the walk, reception and vendors as they set up day of after you have done all the main work of planning and hiring vendors, creating your day

When should you hire a wedding planner?

Best time to hire a planner is at the very beginning of your journey so that we can help and guide you every step of the way.
Even if you want to do a lot of the planning, and be part of the ideas, selections, etc you will be, we just make it much easier for you and help come up with best solutions so that you can go about your normal life during this time with minimal to no stress.

Wedding planning tips from Jubilee Events and Design

Tell me about Jubilee Events and Design!

I have been in the business since 2010, mainly in the Gulf Coast area. But I also love to travel and help clients at any location they choose. For awhile, I managed a very well known wedding and catering company until they decided to focus mainly on their popular growing restaurant. I have had the pleasure of working with many special clients and a good deal of celebrities as well during my time there.

Soon, I decided to move forward with my own events business, creating the name was the hardest part for me. I wanted something that spoke of happiness, finally Jubilee Events and Design was the final choice in 2015. Jubilee/Jubilation means a special anniversary (which is what I want my clients to have many wonderful ones)! It’s also an expression of great joy (which I love watching and experiencing as the celebration of our couples is done on their special day!).

This same year was super exciting and busy for me. I had the pleasure of planning a wedding for a sweet celebrity couple, and planning my own wedding in the same month. It will always be a special year for us!

Helping people has always been in my soul and what I love to do and being able to help clients during what can be a difficult time and helping turn it into what it is supposed to be a -A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE is what myself and my crew strive for. We have been known to create a special bond with clients and have the pleasure of watching their families grow on social media or as a continued friend. IT REALLY IS A REWARDING CAREER, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

What services do you offer?

Event planning and/or decorating any event from parties, anniversaries, corporate to weddings.

What questions are you asked most?

“What packages do you offer?” My response is we believe that every event is special in its own way! We like to create the event of each clients dreams of vs having them pick a “package” that doesn’t speak to whom or what they are.

Jubilee Events and Design

How can our brides contact you?

By email: yourjubileeevent@gmail.com
Phone: Feel free to call or text 251-597-0839

Facebook: Jubilee Events and Design
Instagram: Jubilee Events and Design

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